Moisture testers

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The power of elevator-quality testing on your farm

Accurate and Consistent:
The GAC® 500XT offers fast, accurate, consistent results at the push of a button. It provides ±0.2% moisture repeatability (depending on application) on crops including cereals, oilseeds, grass seeds, vegetable seeds, and beans.

Designed for versatility, the GAC 500XT works for a variety of grains and farm uses. It stores up to 16 calibrations. To install additional calibrations, simply download the files from the DICKEY-john web site. You can choose from more than 450 grain and product calibrations.

For your convenience, the GAC 500XT offers a choice of power sources: 110/220 volt, DC converter, or cigarette lighter.

And it’s even preloaded with 10 languages. Other languages are also available.

Easy to Use:
The GAC 500XT delivers the fastest, most convenient on-farm moisture testing you’ll find. Simply choose your grain, load the hopper, and press a button. Semi-automatic loading means there’s no need to level samples.

GAC 2100 GI - image

GAC 2100 GI

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miniGAC / miniGACplus

The world's most accurate handheld grain moisture analyzer
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MF / ML / MX / MS Moisture tester