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Mininfra SmarT/SmarT SW

Easy handling
SmarT/SmarT SW® grain analysers are very easy to use for even a non-skilled average user: thanks to its hopper no sample preparation is needed and the analysis can be started by pressing a button on the large colour touchscreen of SmarT/SmarT SW®.

Stability and reliability
Due to the applied measurement technology and robust calibrations the accuracy and repeatability of SmarT/Smart SW® grain analysers satisfy today’s high requirements thus SmarT/Smart SW® is a reliable device on all application areas.

Internet connection
SmarT/SmarT SW® grain analysers can be connected and managed through the internet. With the client software to be installed to a PC you can read out the measurement data, statistics remotely and also you can upgrade the newest software versions and the calibrations of the devices from a remote location.

SmarT/SmarT SW® grain analysers are delivered with all available calibrations.

Specific weight module
SmarT SW® contains an additional hectoliter weight module too. The instrument can test the specific weight os wheat and barley: besides the common parameteres of the crops you can get a reliable hectoliter weight result within the same analysis process.

Technical data:

  • Voltage: 88-264 VAC universal input
  • Power consumption: 35 VA .
  • Dimensions WxHxD: 290x270x420 mm
  • Weight: 10 kg Measuring time: 1 minute
  • Sensing area: 30 cm2
  • Sample thickness: Between 4 and 33mm (automatic)
  • Sample amount: ca. 200 cm3 (for wheat)
  • Operating temperature range: 10 – 45 0C
  • Optics: Scanning grating monochromator with SBCS
  • Wavelength range: 790-1064 nm
  • Wavelength accuracy: 0,1 nm
  • Wavelength repeatability: 0,02 nm
  • Detector: Si PIN diode
  • Light source: Tungsten halogen lamp (12V/20W)
  • Handling interface: Touch screen
  • Display: 7” color LCD, 800x480 pixels
  • Printer: Thermal graphic panel printer
  • Ports: USB 2.0 Host, LAN, WIFI
  • Computer and operation system: COLIBRI T20 256MB V1.2A, Linux



  • Wheat: Moisture, protein, gluten, Zeleny-index, kg/hl
  • Barley: Moisture, protein, kg/hl
  • Durum: Moisture, protein, gluten
  • Rye: Moisture, protein
  • Triticale: Moisture, protein
  • Corn: Moisture, protein, oil, starch, kg/hl
  • Rapeseed: Moisture, oil
  • Soybean: Moisture, protein, oil
  • Rice: Moisture, protein
  • Wheat flour*: o Moisture, o protein, o gluten, o ash
  • Semolina*: o Moisture, o protein, o ash
  • Soymeal*: o Moisture, o protein

O: optional
*: For wheat flour, soymeal and semolina cuvettes are needed.



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