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Dough testing device - Y03 image

Dough testing device - Y03

The resistance and extensibility abilities are the most important parameters of the dough. YÜCEBAŞ MACHINERY DOUGH TESTING DEVICE is a device use for the dough pieces weighed 150 gram, will be stretched special hooks of the equipment on 45 , 90 and 135 minutes respectively. Dough Testing Device gives similar results as Extensograph. The device has it’s own embedded industrial PC and own software. The device can control directly from the touch screen industrial PC. The dough shaping unit and stretching hook of the equipment can be control from touch screen PC. Use of software of the device realize the calculations for the evaluation of the curves.

Dough Testing Device can be determine :

  • Resistance of 5th minute ( R5 )
  • Maximum resistance ( Rmax )
  • Elasticity ( mm )
  • Maximum resistance ( Rmax )
  • Energy ( cm2 )


Y15 The sedimentation device - image

Y15 The sedimentation device

Flour testing device - Y38 - image

Flour testing device - Y38

Y07 Gluten washing device - image

Y07 Gluten washing device