Moară de laborator



Moară de laborator

UCEBAS MACHINERY COMBINED MILLS achieves to grind the tempered and non-tempered wheat samples then sieves by aid of the wind palletized system thus separates the flour remained on the bran. The device combined with 5 rollers (3 breaking and 2 reduction). There is no need to clean the mill before processing another wheat sample for following any process of the mill by reverse turning of the switch of sieving unit, the bran or any similar substance remained on rollers and sieve of the mill are discharged from the front discharging outlet through wind pallets system. In order to asses the grinding capability of the wheat, to use a mill having a grinding capability ensuring no plugging on sieves and ensuring many advantages related to the ash quantity and the color of the flour is preferred for a useful flour sample. As a result the grinded flour sample and the bran can be obtained from the mill without any loss. Therefore, by weighing the flour sample and the bran the productivity is possible to be found easily and correctly.

Trying to obtain the flour over the flour percent given by the wheat causes an increase of the bran quantity so the ash quantity in flour, index value, gluten quantity and dough resistance increase. It means that the correct process is to identify the flour productivity of used wheat instead of the productivity of a mill. To obtain the flour from the wheat is very important from the point of the view of the other experiments producing the correct values.

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Moară de laborator - Y40

Moară de laborator
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